Gardeners Created a Park in Green Valley, Arizona

I have no green thumb, but I do know when I see a good thing happening! I was talking with some birders who mentioned Desert Meadows Park was their next birding stop in the day. I had never heard of the place so I decided it was on my way home and time to visit. 

What a wonderful park! It was established in 2014, maintained by garden club volunteers and is a microcosm of the Sonoran ecosystem. I want to acknowledge all these people have done so please read their sign below:

I love the park; it is colorful, with such variety while also looking at native plants. I love the numerous cushioned chairs and swings in the place! I find myself writing this post and showing you everything but the plants, but know they are there! I love the garden plots … brought back memories of when I lived in upstate New York and had a community garden plot for my tomatoes to grow! Here ten tons of fresh produce are donated … fantastic … no doubt appreciated by local food banks!

I discover the Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail is located here too. As you may recall from a past blog post, the 1,000 mile trail is from Sonora, Mexico to California.

Unique to this park: a self-serve nursery, bee hive, and labyrinth. I have provided some information about the labyrinth since one does not see one to often, and if you do, then you might want to walk within one. If you are in the Green Valley, Arizona area, stop by and visit Desert Meadows Park!