Learned Something Today!

Learning something new everyday actually does happen for me! I am always amazed and wonder if this is true for others. Let me know, as I am curious! Do you learn something new each day?

Anyway, my latest newly learned thing happened because I decided to paint a bird, the Greater roadrunner, on a postcard. I wanted to mail this watercolor painting to my mom. It dawned on me the paint would smudge with the least bit of moisture on it. Or even worse, if any part of the mail delivery process was in inclement weather then there would be a mess. Oh that would be awful!

Watercolor painting of a Greater roadrunner on a postcard.

My quick fix was to adhere clear packing tape to the front of the card, specifically on the bird. Once done, I realized something else must be available for situations like this! Being new to the entire acrylic, watercolor, sketching world, I decided to research the topic. Of course, I learned a varnish sprayed on it would work! Add it to a future shopping list, but also read the fine print as some varnishes are better than others. Some will yellow in time; others provide a matte versus glossy finish; some are simply not good on certain paints, charcoal or pastels. 

I learned plenty today and now need to buy varnish and more postcards before I paint my next whatever! Did you learn anything today? I am curious; what have you learned? Share if you wish! (In the meantime, I’m hoping my postcard makes it without a smudge!)

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