Souvenir Shopper?

Souvenir shopper … are you? Let me be honest, I am not. I love to travel. I love photographing places and people I wish to remember. Buying a souvenir is not top on my list of things-to-do when traveling. Actually I am not even making use of many of the photos I take on a trip. Fortunately in this digital age, I am not worried about that. Those days of budgeting money for film and processing are long gone!

I had to chuckle recently though. I had just realized I had bought something in Texas and also Nebraska! Oh my gosh, I am a souvenir shopper. Maybe you guessed it would be food. Yes!

I love tea and when in Fredericksburg, Texas I bought a flavorful green tea. I was simply wandering through the store because it supposedly advertised itself as having everything! It did.

Hmm, would like to try this one!

While in Wahoo, Nebraska I stopped in a store to ask a question about the local grain elevators. I then wandered this store and was intrigued with how the beef jerky looked edible. The only way to find out if it really was, buy it! I can always use a snack on the road. Delicious jerky … dare I say, the BEST!

Yes, very delicious!

Souvenir shoppers, enjoy your shopping. You probably do a better job of having an item, or two, more representative of the locale, state or country you are in and one that lasts a lifetime. Kudos to you. For me, I may surprise myself again sometime with what I will consider a souvenir! These items brought great memories back to me … and isn’t that what souvenirs are all about!?! Safe travels all!

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