Friends Just Know!

Friends can sometimes know you better than yourself, or so I think. It’s been 2 months since my best friend died; however, I was just thinking about a birthday gift I received from her during my visit with her 3 months ago. The card’s sentiment and added personal note were perfect. The gift card was perfect too, but my first inclination was to think, don’t we read all books on-line these days? The look on my face sent an unintended question to my friend. She responded, “they sell art supplies too”. Yes, perfect!I had no art supply need so I tucked the gift card away till recently. I was drawing faces from some on-line instruction when the instructor mentioned using different drawing pencils as you draw. HB pencil versus 2B versus 6B versus 2H, what? My lightbulb moment! Here was a perfect way to use the gift card! I purchased additional drawing pencils and discovered how to add texture to the drawing. Wow, plus the gift travels with me!

First sketch…
Second sketch with different pencils!

I love learning something new everyday, and now I have more to practice within my new world of sketching! Never a dull moment!

2 thoughts on “Friends Just Know!

  1. Your friend knew you well. I am sorry she is no present to hear of your travels. I do believe she still gets to watch you as you live your life. Draw on!

  2. Perfect! Who knew (I am posing those words as an exclamation rather than a question, thus no question mark)!

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