Creating Moments of Silence

When no sounds happen around you, calm descends upon you, your blood pressure lowers, and nothing is on your mind at the moment … what is that? Ah, pure silence! We do not have enough of those moments in our lives, unless we make it a priority to create moments of silence. Whether you want to call it meditation, quiet moments, alone time or whatever, there are major benefits to having that time to ourself each day.

We are too often bombarded by loud sounds, disturbing news, or blamed for something. Any and all of it causes a stress reaction within our body. The negativity is not helping us, so it is important to counterbalance it with a positive calm. Whether focusing on a specific project, or taking a walk in the outdoors, or being mindful while doing a daily task … when completed in silence there is an additional dimension to all that is happening within one’s mind-body-soul connection. 

As I plan my day, either the night before or the current morning, it is important for me to have a “to do” list for the next day which will include when I will take at least 5 – 10 minutes of silence for myself. It may be as I awake or maybe later in the day when the environment and timing is better. It is especially wonderful when I can have a couple of times in a day with silence!

I want you to ask yourself, do you create moments of silence within your day for yourself? Why not? You are deserving of time alone with yourself; time when no one is asking anything of you; a moment when you are truly caring for yourself … we do not do enough of that for ourselves … take control, start in a small way … for your moment of silence! 

A walk in the woods may be best for you … or?

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