The Holiday Season

It’s here. The holiday season. Does this holiday season mean anything different than any other season in the year? Aren’t there 4 seasons in a year? Should we be doing anything different during this one? Are we not always grateful, kind, happy, and appreciative of what we have in our life during the other seasons? Or do we need a special holiday season to be genuinely appreciative?

I am always confused by this season. Now some are thankful to their creator and attend their seasonal ritual. Others finally buy the holiday gift a loved one wanted during the year. I like to think we are prayerful, thankful, giving and loving throughout the year and not solely this season. Or maybe I am once again part of the minority in trying to make sense of so many things within our world.

Today and always, I wish you many good days … may they be healthy, happy and what you wish of life … we are here today and every day to live each day to the best of our ability and to provide support to those who need it … celebrate all the holidays of this month and after with continued kindness and love!

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and upcoming year … as we be our best loving self in our ever-changing world.

From one heart to another, I wish you love.

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