With Gratitude … on this Thanksgiving Day

As I fall asleep each night, I have a habit. During the final minutes of my wakefulness, I take time to be thankful for the individuals in my life. I know people write gratitude journals, but I enjoy thinking about my day and past experiences each night.

Thank you to the people in my life who remain communicative even when discussions get difficult. Politics and Covid ripped apart opportunities to talk with some people. Thank you to those of you who have been open to respectful discussions. We can at times agree to disagree. It is easier to do so when we know where each one of us stands and why. We may not like another’s stance, but it is truly not the end of the world! We all want solutions.

Thank you to the people who supported my efforts this year! I appreciated the positive experiences while birding around the USA. The beach-comber, the local naturalist, and the fellow birder at a park, each continue to open my eyes to our natural world! For at least 50 years now, I continue to worry about the state of our environment. I also thank those who provide positive direction in protecting and maintaining our web of life on this planet. 

Thank you to the medical world: the technology and personnel providing the needed procedures as individuals need chemo treatments, surgery, and/or transplants. Living in the USA with great medical care allows us here to live longer. I will always appreciate science, the scientific method and scientists.

Thank you to my life partner. I know I can be trying at times, yet during the past 27 years you know how to make our partnership work. Each night I do think what a lucky person I am, especially if I did something stupid during the day. I appreciate your love and your patience with me. I love you for your support of our shared activities and my projects.

Thank you to my friends. Your love and support never go unnoticed each day. I hope I have told you how important you are to me. While I do not see you often, I can appreciate your energy when I need to connect. Also regarding Jane, who died this year … I loved our hour long phone calls and talk about politics and birds. They will be missed. I worry about my Tibetan friend. We met and communicated with each other since 2010, yet the past 2 years I have heard nothing. I continue to hope she is okay.

Thank you to my family. We have had our ups and downs this past year, yet my love for each of you is real. I look forward to this next year … to visit, have fun, and create great memories. Despite my living thousands of miles from each of you, I do think of and love you. We are family and can connect via the latest technology and/or at times a home visit. The connection needs to work in both directions so never hesitate to say hello.

With fond memories regarding my Dad who died 7 years ago. Every time I pick up a screwdriver or hammer, I think of him. My van-build this year with bed, sliding drawers and bench and/or my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity reinforces the love of my Dad.

Sometimes I lay in bed and am so thankful it brings me to tears. I am so grateful … thank you all, you are greatly appreciated.

A northern cardinal is always a special bird for me … there is plenty of symbolism if you research it … but for me, when I see a northern cardinal it is about encouragement and remaining positive about life. I love seeing this bird!

A Northern cardinal sighting means different things to each of us … for me, it is encouragement & to remain positive about life.

4 thoughts on “With Gratitude … on this Thanksgiving Day

  1. Mary, Your words are the first I read on this Thanksgiving. The cardinal is my college mascot so I always smile when I see one. I love following all your travels and marvel at your transition to traveling the USA in your self made vehicle. Your writing gives me much pleasure my friend. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you will visit me in Fla. sometime. Better yet meet in an exotic local like we did in Bancock!

  2. Your gratitude brings tears to my eyes and hope for our country. Thank you for your friendship, wisdom and support. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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