World Habitat Day Happened!

In 1985, the United Nations designated the first Monday in October as World Habitat Day. It’s a day set aside to remind us we have the power and responsibility to shape the future of cities and towns. The 2022 theme: “Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind.” The growing inequalities and vulnerabilities exasperated by Covid, climate and conflict continue to be global concerns. What can we do about any of it?

We can join our local Habitat for Humanity organization and see what projects we can help with for a day or on a regular basis. I always choose to help with the home construction projects. I love seeing new homes being built, meeting the future owners who with their sweat equity in the work will eventually be able to live in a house we are building… and where they can call it home!

Tucson, AZ’s Habitat for Humanity actually had 4 days set aside for World Habitat Day. We are so excited to be building a number of houses, future homes, with hopes families can be in them before the holidays. As a result, many volunteers worked each of the days with special treats provided for breakfast and lunch too since this was part of the World Habitat celebration! It was wonderful seeing many people organized into groups and working at the tasks needing to be done. I was priming the front wall of the house and learned how to put plastic on windows and doors so no paint went on them! I must admit though, I had plenty of paint on myself by the time I was done; no worries though as it all washes off.

Tucson volunteers at work.

I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in other areas of Arizona and years ago in New York State. In 2019 I volunteered for a week, north of Krakow, Poland. I have always wondered how the facility we helped renovate is doing for the young people who were to live there.

Attending the celebration ceremony when the new home owner gets their front door key is wonderful. We hear the challenges; everyone has a story. We see the gratefulness; the sweat equity paid off and they know all the work done by volunteers. Tears come to our eyes because we know that for this person/family it has been a couple year’s journey now complete. They have a place to finally call home!

Support your local Habitat for Humanity … even a monetary donation helps if you cannot get out to volunteer on site. By the way, you do not need to be a builder to work at a home site. They will teach you whatever needs to be done or you may choose another project that fits your skill set better. Come on out, we can use your help!

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