Anyone Missing a Mailbox?

This was the craziest thing, to find a mailbox in the middle of a wash! You always hear to not mess around with mailboxes, especially the mail within them. So how does a mailbox end up in the middle of a wash more than a third of a mile from any road? Heavy rain, strong water flow, and nothing to stop its movement!

Is this your mailbox?

We checked the direction of water flow through the wash and think we know which way it floated in. There was no mail in the mailbox. We were happy about that! We understood when a mailbox is installed and ready for use, it is considered federal property and the homeowner doesn’t legally own his or her mailbox. In this wash, it belongs to no one at the moment. The mailbox seemed to come from the opposite direction we were walking, so we left the mailbox where it was in the wash.

Is anyone looking for a missing mailbox? As we walked away from it, we even wondered if anyone else has ventured down this wash and had an idea where it may have come from? To actually know the owner? How cool would that be to figure out where the mailbox owner lives and report their missing mailbox to them? It would be interesting to see the look on their face! Or maybe it would only be interesting to me. (If mail had been in the box though, we would know the owner … was not meant to be.)

We walked away and left the empty mailbox in the wash.

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