My Tea Time … Not Quite a Ritual

I love tea. I actually love tea more than coffee, yet coffee gives me the caffeine buzz I need most mornings. Coffee contains 80 – 100 milligrams of caffeine, tea has just 30 – 50 milligrams of caffeine. Not a bad way to start a day … a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Then, ten-thirty-TEA (10:30am) is often when I have my morning cup of tea! I told family and friends this is a good time to call; it is my time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea!

When I am home I usually choose between some loose tea leaf variety. When traveling on the road, with my van, it is always a green or black tea bag variety. The loose tea leaves allows me to enjoy tea from Morocco, China, and other countries. (Just as enjoyable as getting my coffee beans from Peru, Africa, and other countries.) Or simply buy the tea bags from Bigelow or Lipton! Whatever the cup of tea, I enjoy adding honey.

I mentioned my tea drinking is not quite a ritual. Some days I am not home or able to stop and drink my tea at 10:30. It is interesting because once I get home from pickleball or whatever, I will then make my tea. When I am traveling, I always make a cup of coffee and cup of tea before I set off for the day. That tea may still be hot hours later or cooled off by the time I am ready to drink it. Anyway, it may be 10:30 or not, but it is my tea time!

Tea to enjoy … with honey!

Are you a tea drinker? A coffee and/or tea drinker? Or none of the above? Do you get your caffeine other ways during the day? Or do you avoid caffeine? If it’s not coffee or tea I am drinking, I am enjoying water, beer or wine! Is my 4:00pm cocktail hour a ritual? Now that’s a thought!

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