Part 2 of 3: Another Day in Olympic National Park 

After a leisurely start to this day, I was on the Hurricane Ridge trails in Olympic National Park. It is a beautiful drive up to this point with many viewpoints along the way. Crazy bicyclists ride up the 18 mile road and then speed down it … reminds me of the Mount Lemmon riders in Tucson, Arizona.

On the Meadow Trail, I saw my first black-tailed deer and then a young one as I hiked up to Sunrise Point. The trails are very easy to hike and the area is simply beautiful. Once upon a time there was an operating ski lift and skiing!

Mount Olympus in that range

Mount Olympus, I think the highest mountain peak here, was behind clouds most of the time. Glacier melt on some of the other mountains the past decades was very obvious according to the signposts and my photo.

Black-tailed deer
Gradual trail up to Sunrise Point

Next stop: Storm King Ranger Station.

From here I had more views of Lake Crescent and took a 1.5 mile hike to Marymere Falls which is also in Olympic National Park. I loved hiking through the very tall trees and seeing the falls, especially since water was flowing!

Marymere Falls

After food shopping in Sequim, WA, I visited the Dungeness Spit. There was a nice trail through the trees and then onto the spit. I heard birds in the woods, but not many easily seen. Many people were walking along the spit with its sand and driftwood on the shore. On my way back to my van, I walked with a family that just moved from Indiana to the Seattle, Washington area. Always interesting to hear another’s story.

One side of Dungeness Spit, Sequim, WA

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