Turtles and 104 degrees!

I needed to stretch my legs even if it meant walking a mile in a very hot temperature … 104 degrees! I am not sure where the day went, so I headed to Agua Caliente Park in Tucson Arizona for the walk and wondered if any wildlife were moving around? Ten different bird species were flitting around, deep in the tree leaves … they were smart to be in any shade! The turtles however were hanging around on land, in the water, and on a rock … a real balancing act!

Turtles can tolerate warm conditions, but there are concerns as to whether they can handle climate change especially if temperatures rise too quickly. We need to be sure not to destroy their habitat as they need water, land, light and air with rainfall helping to moderate temperatures, provide water and maintain a wetland. People who have red-eared sliders as a common pet turtle know to keep a constant 85 – 92 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, along with a rock in watering area for it to sit on sand. They can live up to 75 years if cared for correctly.

The semi-aquatic pond sliders I saw on this walk, called red-eared sliders, were in different locations at the park. Enjoy the photos of them:

Turtle comfortable on a log
This turtle enjoying a swim
These two heading somewhere on land. I did not hang around to watch them … too hot!
Ready for a swim or not?

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