What is that Elevated Surfboard?

Are my eyes deceiving me or is that board above the water’s surface?

See the blade under the board?

I had to research this sighting to be sure it was a real thing … yes, the surfer is riding a wave on a “foilboard” or “hydrofoil board”. The blade is longer than the traditional fin on a surfboard allowing the foil surfer to ride above the water’s surface! Some will also pump their legs up and down to generate more energy. Foil surfing can be done anywhere thus not needing an area where others are trying to catch a wave. This apparently is one advantage of the foilboard, along with easy maneuverability in slicing through the water. But be careful as this blade’s hunk of metal can also slice a body part if you are not careful! 

Here were some people out using their foilboard:

Hydrofoils require users to have greater balance, skill, and fitness to keep the board out of the water compared to using a surfboard, but maybe this is an activity for you! Great fun watching though as that will be the closest I will be to this activity! Are you a foilboarder or know of someone?

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