Surfing Lesson #1 for a Child!

While bicycling a bike path along Pierpont Bay in Ventura, California you’ll find yourself stopping, like I did, at Surfer’s Point at Seaside Park. There are always individuals of varying abilities on a surfboard trying to catch and ride a wave, but this time I saw something unique!

Amid all the surfers there was a man carrying his child and surfboard into the surf. I wondered what the heck he was thinking as he continued to walk out, through the oncoming waves, with the child seemingly sitting comfortably in his arms.

After a period of time, here are the scenes as the child had their surfing lesson/ride:

Walking out
Have a seat …
Riding a wave…
Time to stand!

What fun! A fantastic way to get the feel of it all! Who knows when the child will be on the board alone!?! What a great experience and way to learn! Very cool man!

2 thoughts on “Surfing Lesson #1 for a Child!

  1. Since you are adept at photos of elusive birds I guess catching the various stage of this father and child journey was not hard. This child looks thrilled to being with his Dad and enjoying this sport together. My parallel is getting to share my Dad’s love of golf, swimming, skiing, ice skating from a young age. I have always treasured those times together and still continue some of these lifetime sports.

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