Thank You Dad … I still love hand tools!

I completed my van conversion, do small home repairs, and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity with thanks to my dad each time. He was sure to teach each of his daughters, four of us, to use a saw, hammer, and screwdriver.

One may think, what is so difficult about each of those tools? As the years have gone by, I have come to realize the variations of hammers: claw, ball peen and club hammer styles. And various saws: jigsaw, circular saw, power saw and many more beyond my hand saw lesson with dad. Even screwdrivers have more heads available beyond the flat and Phillips I had first learned and practiced.

Then the world of power tools came into my life! Wow, exciting and potentially dangerous. How quickly a board of wood can be cut, or a staple into wood, or even a screw! Electrifying all these tools has made some projects easier, but one needs to be careful. I learn more about these tools with my volunteer efforts at Habitat for Humanity, but I always thank my dad for his lessons in having me understand the tool, its use, and the ability to problem-solve in creating the project I wish to construct. Those skills help me everywhere; in memory … thanks dad!

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