Thoughts & Books While on the Road

One can only listen to the radio so long while driving a few hundred miles per day. I love stopping and reading the historical markers on local roads, but they are not along the interstates! Instead I am driving past huge distribution centers, camping trailer businesses, large beef lots, acres of green produce, and cities that seem to look alike across the nation.

I stop every couple of hours for a driving break, and I find myself thinking about small business owners, small farms and ranches, individuals creating products and hoping they can compete with larger industry. Where I can, I do try to support those businesses and I often meet interesting people there.

I listen to audiobooks while driving and in the evening I read what books or magazines I may have with me. Other hours I am usually listing my birds in eBird or checking my photos from the day.

Twenty-four hours in a day can go quickly when traveling since we have so much to see and do, along with the need for some down time to relax.

I love listening or reading various types of books … yet I will admit I am not a science fiction reader. Here are a few I read or listened to while on my latest trip.

H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

The Book of Hope, A Survival Guide for Trying Times by Douglas Carlton Abrams and Jane Goodall

Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

Other thoughts are worried thoughts. Will we protect the planet, our home, for future generations to enjoy the life and beauty I have been able to enjoy? Will access to places be available to all and not only to individuals who can take time to visit and have the money to afford an entrance at places? 

Time will tell … for now though, I look forward to my next day! I hope you do the same!

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