Visiting NYS’s Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge & Other Stops

A few years ago I bicycled, solo and self-contained, from Minnesota to Indiana, then across New York State. After weeks cycling and a few days of absolute drenching rain, I stopped short of Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. I had hoped to enjoy some wildlife viewing with its diverse habitats, but it did not happen. When a friend and I could visit the refuge on this trip, I said, let’s go! We lucked out with an overcast, not rainy day; off we went! 

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is a huge property, located northeast of Seneca Falls, NY. There is a Welcome Center at the start of a 3 mile Wildlife Drive. At specific locations we could hop out of the car and walk to a blind. Certain times of year a hiking/bicycling trail is open for use too. One could spend hours here and the other parcels of land within the refuge. 

Warblers were arriving in NYS! Yellow warbler and yellow-dumped warblers were part of our 20 different bird specie sightings.

Yellow warbler singing
Yellow-rumped warbler

Our second stop was the Montezuma Audubon Center, north of Savannah, NY. There was an informational center and hiking trail network. Thanks to the director, since we were looking for specific birds, he sent us on our way to Guy’s Marsh. We were welcomed by tree swallows and Eastern bluebirds as we started the mile trail around the marsh. We eventually opted for a shorter walk and the observation tower. There we watched 2 muskrats fighting with each other. We guessed the third muskrat was a female as it swam away.  More birds seen and I was surprised to see a Caspian tern.

Not sure any of it was friendliness
Caspian tern

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