Upstate NYS Friends & Birds

It was snowing as I drove across the southern tier of New York State and I truly was not surprised. I grew up in New York State and had come to expect snow till mid-May … so my van was experiencing snow once again since our Grand Canyon visit months ago. If I continued to be in snow country months at a time there would certainly be a need for snow tires, but not now.

It was wonderful meeting friends for lunch at Ithaca’s Purity Ice Cream shop, talking with some friends by phone, walking with others at Cornell’s Sapsucker Woods and Botanic Garden, and talking with colleagues at the school I last worked. I loved living in the Finger Lakes area when I did because there was tennis, hiking, road bicycling, cross-country skiing, cultural activities and opportunities, and ease in traveling to the Adirondack Mountains where I had a small shack to escape for my quiet, meditative time for more than 25 years. Despite being tremendously busy with my school administrative position, I made time to enjoy outdoor activities…yet I do not miss the snow … and thus I now live in Arizona!

Spending time and talking with my friends, and now additionally school friends, was interesting and just like old times: noticing and discussing what has changed and what has stayed the same, learning about their new adventures, hobbies and activities, commiserating and celebrating about various happenings, counting down time till summer vacation and/or retirement, and encouraging all to take time to enjoy life. I am concerned about the future of public education in America and consider myself fortunate to have retired when I did, but do miss all my friends! I am glad I caught up with those individuals I could and certainly appreciated them taking time to visit with me.

Here are a few photos from my visits at Cornell’s Sapsucker Woods:

White-throated sparrow
Tufted titmouse
Yellow-bellied sapsucker at Sapsucker Woods!
Red-bellied woodpecker, yet no red belly…

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  1. Just loved visiting with you! It was so encouraging to so that you are in such great shape and health, enjoying your retirement and your love of the outdoors. The picture of the tufted titmouse is adorable! I can’t wait to copy it to my granddaughters! I have my very own red-bellied woodpecker that feeds at one of my suet cages every day. You’re suppose to be able to see a faint wash of red on the belly if they’re hanging upside down. I’ll keep an eye on mine. Happy trails, friend.

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