Ukraine … My Thoughts …

I spent a month in Poland in 2019, traveling around the country, and loved the people and landscape. I learned much history about Poland’s struggles and border changes. I also thought someday I’ll be back and also visit Ukraine and the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Now I wonder if that day will ever come!

Covid-19 has dampened our spirit these past years not allowing us the connections with the activities and people we had so easily and now seemingly had taken for granted. But the Ukrainian spirit is admirable, amazing and heart-breaking to witness at times as they stand up to the current Russian aggression. I have shed so many tears watching our news, feeling helpless and hopeless.

I understand what a chess match this conflict is as a bully takes on the supposed weak, as NATO balances with those not part of its group, as misinformation from a government and no information from independent news sources gets to Russian people. While we worry about climate change, missiles land close to a nuclear power plant with potential devastation of land, air, and lives for many, many miles. The madness, the sadness, the worry continues.

Some from various countries will volunteer and join Ukrainian military forces; some will donate to charitable organizations helping the refugees coming from Ukraine; some will pray and send positive energy for the people of Ukraine to survive. Do what you can … show your support of Ukraine, a country of people protecting their democratic life.

I want peace now. To many lives have been and will be lost if this madness does not end … those are my thoughts.

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  1. Mary, my sentiments exactly. How this can be happening is demonic. Praying & sending aid, Lin

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