Hawk, Hummer and Hoot … What An Exciting Morning!

A bird feeder in your yard is not a necessity to observe birds. Take a look out a window or walk around your home and you may discover birds close by! 

The other morning a cooper’s hawk was sitting on our back wall. We just happened to be looking out our back window and there it was! It sat there for a period of time, enough time for me to grab my camera and capture a photo:

Twenty minutes later while working with a landscaper in our front yard, he discovered a hummingbird’s nest! It is definitely newly constructed. I will keep watch for any activity with hopes to observe a hummingbird some day sitting on eggs in the nest … time will tell! 

A hummingbird is 4 inches in size and their nest is even smaller. The cup-shaped nest may eventually hold 2 eggs in it. I took a close-up photo of the nest so you can see its shape. The nest is so small I had to stand inches away from it to even see the nest which is well hidden in the bush! Here is a photo of the nest:

As the landscaper and I continued working in the front yard, he saw an owl! If there be any good idea in doing the landscaping work, this landscaper helped me see a hummingbird’s nest and an owl right on our property! It was a Western screech owl that hid within the branches of a mesquite tree as it sat on our side wall. The wind was blowing and continued to knock the owl in the body, but it seemed to continue to sleep. I captured a photo when the wind blew the branches away from the owl. Finally the owl decides to move and we discover it on the ground on the other side of the wall! Now it sleeps in comfort and a protected place. Here are a few photos:

Common ravens, Harris’s hawks, red-tailed hawks, doves and various other birds fly overhead, including hummingbirds that visit our flowers … but seeing these three: Cooper’s hawk, hummingbird nest and Western screech owl … today were spectacular! 

Have you walked around your yard to see what wildlife is nearby? Even within concrete cracks there may be some living thing, so don’t overlook them! And keep your eyes on the sky as there may be something interesting flying overhead! Nature is around us all and to be enjoyed!

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