Bird Feeders … Easy Way To See Birds …

All of us cannot get around and see birds, but we can create habitats for birds to come to us! This may even be in your backyard. If you have some trees for birds to perch on while they wait their turn to feed at a feeder and food they like to eat, you will have birds arriving where you can easily view them. Other birds will enjoy specific flowers in your yard, so with your next planting you may consider hummingbird-friendly flowers.

There are feeders specific in meeting what humming birds like and are attracted to, such as this feeder:

Other birds enjoy seed in a container, such as these birds do:

Some birds simply enjoy the fruit slice available to them:

Of course, there are some feeders for you if many birds visit your area at a time. I have seen a feeder such as this one to handle that bird feed need:

I am no expert on feeding birds, the type of feed best to attract specific birds or the various feeders to use, but I do enjoy seeing birds in my backyard whether in the trees, flowers or at a feeder. New to all of this information, I discovered the Wild Bird Unlimited store in my area and they were a fountain of information and a place to buy what I eventually wanted. Also, my local Audubon provided me with help, and so has reading material from various sources. With some time, you too can create an area attractive to birds and encourage them to hang out and/or eat at the feeder you set up! Have fun!

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