Know Cranes?

I love seeing birds in the natural world; unfortunately, for whooping cranes and Siberian cranes they are close to extinction and people care about their future. I visited a facility at the International Crane Foundation where all 15 species of cranes around the world reside. Threats to cranes around the world are climate change, habitat loss, poaching and illegal trade. 

I remember my visit to Bhutan and learning the black-necked cranes are revered in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Each November there is a celebration when the cranes arrive. It would be wonderful if more of us felt the same way when cranes arrive. I do know in southeast Arizona many of us do welcome sandhill cranes when they arrive.

There is no way I can identify every crane I saw today, so this blog will have photos I took while at the International Crane Foundation. The birds had plenty of area to walk around within their enclosure of grasses, wetland and a building to walk within. Fences kept visitors away from the birds, but the viewing platforms were well done so it was easy to see the birds. There are a few hiking trails around a small pond, into the woods, and onto the prairie. Plenty to do and a nice picnic area so bring a lunch. This place is worth a visit if you are in the area. Now for the cranes:

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