Highway Driving … 2 Days Across 4 States

I just had to do it. My goal to visit my mom and friend, plus the joy of seeing siblings and other friends, was wonderful. My drive east, because of this pandemic keeping me off airplanes at the moment, only resulted in a nail in one tire and no other concerns … unless you count the rain!

I left Binghamton, NY in the early morning, and had two different sprinkles of rain by the time I made it to Perrysburg, Ohio later in the day. Excitement in seeing no rain while I set up my tent was short-lived. It began to rain 15 minutes later. 

The next morning I was so mosquito-bitten and wet as I threw my wet tent fly and groundcloth into my car and headed out. I was driving from Perrysburgh, OH to Milton, Wisconsin which means through Illinois. The Illinois toll system had some places where I could pay cash and other places they photo your license plate. That is fine, except creating an account on their website and seeing what tolls to pay is a nightmare. Supposedly you are to pay it within 14 days. I’ll see what shows up.

My best observation today was in Ohio seeing 2 bald eagles in a tree! I always have to remember I am driving and cannot simply stop and pull out my camera. The campsite I ended up at for the night was a good one, with nice neighbors, and I was here 4 nights to visit the Milwaukee area. (I am getting into the rhythm of KOA Kampgrounds and discovered they are booked most nights. They are safe, clean, mostly family-oriented, but overall easy to get to and leave from while on the road. So glad I planned ahead!) Days 26 and 27 completed!

One of my favorite campgrounds … Milton, WI.

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