Eastward Ho! … as a Bird May Fly!

My bags are packed, I am ready to go! Traveling east by vehicle, my Honda Element is again on the road! I chose this method of transportation to visit family and friends on the east coast of the USA and to camp along the way.

You may ask why would I choose to travel with so little luxury and drive long distances? After watching television news about unruly behavior from people while flying in an airplane and unvaccinated people in an airport remaining potential carriers of the coronavirus, I decided to make my own circles around such and aim to arrive at my destinations with less stress. (Yes, there may be rain, tornado, bugs, etc, but such is life.)

Just think of the pioneers who traveled westward not knowing where they were going each day and where they would end up. I am in better shape than all of that! Campgrounds are chosen, plenty of rest stops available, easy access to food and drink and some landscapes new to me, especially as I look for birds in an area!

What I am doing to see family and friends, after 15 months of remaining in a personal/home bubble, is travel to them! What else, got vaccinated! With compassion and love for our fellow human beings, I have done my part and look forward to seeing everyone down the road! Stay healthy and happy America! An American kestrel is in the air!

3 thoughts on “Eastward Ho! … as a Bird May Fly!

  1. Mary, if Florida is on your schedule come stay w me. I can take you kayak birding. Rookeries have been full lately. Siting here reading ARRP mag with article on Lisa Ryerson, Wow! I had just wondered if you knew what she has been up to.

  2. Mary-So happy to see your blog. Sounds like a nice trip even with some rain. If you pass thru Napa on your way home, we’re around & always enjoy your visits.

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