Meditative Moments… Do You Have Yours?

I walk along this path, hearing my own breath, listening to the sounds in nature, smelling the air with all its various scents, feeling my leg muscles carry my body up and down this path. My mind is in balance, not thinking too hard about anything and not letting it wander too far. When being fully present in the here and now, I am good.

It’s not always like this. Sometimes I am concentrating on something that is taking my mind elsewhere. Memories, anxiety, and nothing to do with the present moment fill my mind; I know then I am in need of a meditative moment or two. It doesn’t require hours. I take minutes to center myself, wherever I may be, and when walking a path I can enjoy many more meditative minutes.

My meditative moments allow me to focus on the now. Being fully present and grateful for the time I can spend. I need this time each day and love it more, when possible, outdoors walking a path.

I hope everyone can enjoy their present moment; live life in the now. Or take time to balance yourself again; in whatever way you find it is best for yourself. Namaste.

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