Who Else Is In The Woods With Me?

I love being in the woods, especially with no or few people around. I am always looking for birds to photograph; I know they love it when few people are around. Others animals enjoy the quiet and ease of walking around in the woods too. At certain locations in the woods, I always set my camera and tripod up and stand silently for a half hour or so. When the woods are quiet or when the birds start to fly around and not notice me, I discover other animals will do the same and possibly within my circle of view.

One occasion, I saw two deer visiting a stream, do doubt coming for a drink of water and then to return higher on the hillside. On my walk back to my car, I passed a picnic area and saw a coatimundi. Actually it was obvious to see as the young people there were standing on the picnic table to get away from the animal. (Please do not feed wild animals or leave food scraps behind when you are picnicking.)

Another day I had 3 animal sightings. Two deer eating along a hillside looked at me and then went back to eating. One spot where my camera was set, I heard some movement and noticed a coatimundi climbing up a rocky area. And in a rocky ditch by a bed & breakfast place that has been closed the past season, I saw a raccoon. As I watched the raccoon moving toward me I knew he was curious about my snack food so I decided to leave. 

It is a shame people walk quickly through the woods and miss seeing wildlife. Animals are around, most often near water, and away from people. There is no harm in stepping off trail, being quiet while watching and listening to see if anyone else is around. You might be pleasantly surprised who is also in the woods! Enjoy!

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