Coyotes at Isabella Lee Natural Preserve

Everyone is out here! I saw mountain biker, hiker, walkers with dogs, coyotes and birds. When I first started, 6:30am, a pack of coyotes outnumbered everyone; 8 coyotes ran through one section of this preserve! I saw one coyote and grabbed my camera. Then I watched one coyote wait for all in the pack to pass him and then he ran off too.

Birds were quiet this morning, but here were some I did see and photograph. I want to return here with my mountain bicycle when I know birding and photography are not my top priority.

Above, greater roadrunner, ash-throated flycatcher, Anna’s hummingbird, and Cooper’s hawk. Plenty of house finches, lesser goldfinches, mourning doves and some birds I have no idea what they are. Interesting place to spend some time!

4 thoughts on “Coyotes at Isabella Lee Natural Preserve

  1. Exciting day in the great outdoors. I have never seen a pack of 8 coyotes. That is a unique experience.
    Awesome photos of birds. The unique angles are captivating.
    Thank you for sharing!

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