Birding By the Roadside!

Due to the Bighorn wildfire burning almost 120,000 acres of land just north of Tucson, AZ through the months of June and July, the Coronado National Forest trailheads will be closed to hikers until possibly November 1. Businesses in the town of Summerhaven hoped for the 25 mile road to their town to open quicker than it did, but once it was open to more than just residents and employees, locals headed to the mountain town at the start of August. In support of local businesses and to escape the desert 100+ degree heat, Summerhaven was a treat in many ways! Although physical distancing and wearing face masks, due to the pandemic, are required, I drove there also to look for some birds. The rule though is with forest areas off-limits, one must stay on the roadside pavement at all times.

I stopped at some spots along the road where parking was allowed and eventually worked my way to the town of Summerhaven. I bought some items at the local grocery store and just had to indulge in their fudge! A couple of other businesses were open, but I was happy with my treat and also seeing the following birds: yellow-eyed junco, Steller’s Jay, acorn woodpecker, and painted redstart. One really does not have to be in the middle of a forest to see birds. With some patience, birds can be seen along a roadside! The acorn woodpecker and Steller’s jay though were seen by a business that does put out peanuts for the birds.

I headed toward Ski Run Road where the temperature dipped to a wonderful 65 degrees. Along the way, and as I did while driving to Summerhaven, I noticed burnt areas from the wildfire. Ferns are the fastest growing plants in those charred areas.

Trailheads are closed to all of us because the soil is no longer being held in place by the forest growth once there and we are entering our monsoon, heavy rain, season. I was thrilled to see some birds, support a local business, eat some fudge, watch people ride the chairlift at Ski Valley, and see others picnicking/relaxing in the cooler temperatures on the mountain. My ride down the mountain was eventful. It started to rain the largest raindrops ever seen and hailed some good-sized hailstones! Just when I thought I could finish my lunch somewhere along my way home, that was not going to happen in this storm. Darn, back to the heat sooner than I had hoped!

Rain and hail!

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