Thrasher & Finch Morning!

I am new to bird feeding. Eventually I will learn what type of feeder design and type of seed will prompt a variety of birds to come and also return to my feeders. Now it is a bit of a guessing game, but I am happy with surprises also!

My morning began with a curve-billed thrasher sighting as one sat on our back wall. We know these birds are in the neighborhood as we often hear their loud whit-wheet! call.

Curve-billed thrasher

I love looking at their bright orange eyes and long, slightly curved bill; however, once the bird was at the feeder this morning I noticed how it used its long tail. Another moment I caught a glimpse of the seed within its beak.

The curve-billed thrasher seemed so excited about locating this feeder with delicious seed it started to call others. It called from the top of the feeder and from trees in the backyard, except it finally gave up after about 3 minutes. No thrasher seemed be listening.

Once the thrasher left the feeder and no longer calling for others, my usual house finches returned! The female was the first to fly in to eat and then relax.

Finally to complete my morning, the male house finch stopped by. These house finches are residents here at this location. I am convinced they are the same ones I see day in and day out! And that is okay by me!

Male house finch

7 thoughts on “Thrasher & Finch Morning!

  1. When I took my failing mother in to live out her days with me, she eagerly brought along her bird feeders. After lovingly placing them on our back deck where she could view from her recliner, it became apparent that she would also spend the remainder of her days washing black, bluish and white stains from the railings.
    We then transplanted the feeders to the front yard, however, the birds were already impressed with the backyard view.
    It was then we came to the conclusion, “Sorry, mom, the feeders have to go.”

      1. Funny, I just posted today about my own necessary break from technology…. we must be like-minded.

      2. I read your post and have noticed your camping breaks. To hot here for that activity, and would have loved that break. Enjoy yourself.

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