Just Passing By!

Yes, this small mammal may be passing by your neighborhood too.

It’s a very common wild animal; some people will love this house mouse. (Or is it a rat?) I was not taken with any love for it. I thought it should be shy and at least out of my sight! But no, right out there for all to see.

Mouse, or rat, climbing exterior column of business.

I could envy its wall climbing skills! My wall climbing is in need of great help, thus I am always harnessed in at the climbing wall in my town. Off it went; may pass your neighborhood soon!

If you can identify this animal, let me know…. thanks!

5 thoughts on “Just Passing By!

  1. Are you sure it’s a mouse. It looks more like a rat. Rats are about that size and bigger. The tail of a mouse is thin but a rat has a big tail like in your pic. Both carry dangerous diseases but the rat is more deadly because it eats through metal and concrete and breeds 100s at a time.

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