Wish, then Take Action!

Decades go by as I continue to wish for increased global solar energy usage, equality, justice and education for all, along with clean air and water for the ever increasing planet’s population! Wishing for anything is never enough; what is needed is action! Even with action, reaction and solutions take time. Frustration does mount as the time it takes to solve issues is ridiculously long!

I understand all peaceful protests no matter the issue. What I do not condone is the violence, vandalism and arson most often happening under the cover of darkness. It might not be a bad idea for locals to not protest at night, so the agitators who are destroying our businesses are caught!

I understand we need to increase pressure on our politicians. Many of them collect paychecks with little to show in making the world a safer, healthier, just place for all. Why can’t our energy systems be environmentally safer? Everyone’s health, physical and mental, be cared for with the same health care policies as our politicians?

Racial and gender inequalities need justice to prevail so no one lives in fear. Our communities all need regulations to have and maintain the best quality air and water. All can be accomplished while simultaneously growing businesses and wealth for all. If we wish and take action, let’s prompt the legislators, business leaders and world leaders to see the benefit for all is a minimum requirement in making this a planet where we can all survive even 10 years from now.

Write your politicians, peacefully protest, support local businesses, speak up when injustice happens and you are present, boycott places you cannot support their stance on issues, and be an ally for those needing protection. You and I are in this together; let’s take action!

Under the cover of darkness, let there be peace!

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