Time to Notice Wildlife

How many times have I seen small lizards running across an area? Many times. How often have I seen one of these lizards eat anything? Never.

It’s fun to observe wildlife, but it does necessitate our slowing down and taking time to notice them. That scurrying lizard does stop to eat, yet we do not typically see it happening. Here is a Sonoran spotted whiptail we observed at Agua Caliente Park, Tucson, AZ near the base of a tree and some dried organic material. At first I did not think anything about it because they usually move away in short time and I would be back on my bicycle for my ride.

Sonoran spotted whiptail

However, I noticed the lizard was digging up the sand and snatching food as it flew into the air. Once home I researched its diet and they do dig in soil around bases of rocks and feed on termites, spiders, beetles, ants, grasshoppers and other invertebrates. Very interesting …

I feel fortunate to have learned something about Sonoran spotted whiptails especially since they are only found in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. You too want to learn about wildlife? Slow down and take the time to observe. You may be pleasantly surprised about something too.

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  1. The other day here in Scotland a baby goose walked through our garden. Hopefully he found his parents later that day! Thanks for this post šŸ™

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