Birthday Twice Enjoyed!

Events mark a time. Whether time is in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years it is of no consequence till tagged with an event. Time is always present and takes on more meaning when attached to a birthday or death or whatever we wish to acknowledge with the moment in time.

I like the fact my birthday is on the calendar of time with certain years it falling on Mother’s Day. I also enjoy a story my Mom told me years ago about my birth. Mother’s Day was on Sunday on May 11, 1952 and celebrated as usual in those days, from what I was told! Although my Mom thought it would have been nice to have her first-born child on Mother’s Day that year, she said it was worth waiting for me to arrive when I was actually born the next day!

To this day every year, I recall the story on Mother’s Day and my actual birth date with a smile. I love the story. While time marches on, my birth marks a moment in time while also sharing another date every year along with Mother’s Day. As a result, I celebrate some years twice and that is really cool! Thanks Mom!

Desert Mariposa Lily… beauty every time I see it!

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