Green Heron, My Model!

Did I tell you I am working on my photography skills while social distancing from every human being I know? Thankfully the fauna and flora I see while outdoors on walks or drives has kept me challenged!

My favorite bird of the moment is the green heron I saw at Sweetwater Wetlands in Tucson, AZ! This bird was so focused on eating while standing in a quiet stream, I could focus on him and his behaviors. He looked around, high and low; zeroed in on prey and caught small fish and other creepy looking things!

My challenge was to capture it all in photos, in focus, and with some success I did! Photos below to prove it. My future challenge will be to capture birds not so accommodating! Give me time, I will get there! In the meantime, I love my green heron!

Green heron looking around.
Green heron looking around.
Green heron looking in the other direction.
Aha, green heron got the fish! I got the photo!

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