Watch birds…

An activity to enjoy, no matter where you are, is to watch birds. Where are they? You really do not need binoculars because some are on the nearby tree or pond, or so colorful or with an interesting flight plan that they are easy to watch. It is not necessary to know their names, unless of course you want to learn them. The joy is in seeing wildlife so easily in front of your eyes!
As I travel the world there are more birds to see! Local people are most helpful informing you of hot spots to view birds and often times will share the name of a bird. I am amazed sometimes just with size and/or color of the bird that it doesn’t matter the name… until I realize I would like to add that bird to my life list and a name is needed.
Watching birds can tell you about an area and the birds. Do they like the pond? the trees? the thermals? the grasses? the left-over food scraps? And do you see a bird annoying another bird? Are the birds leaving the area? Do they form a v- formation? Are there male and female pairs? How do they stand on one leg and sleep? So much to see and learn about birds! 
Take time and watch for birds!

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