Walking Time in Cuzco, Peru

A day with no riding in a train, van or bus….walking time! Cuzco was called "the navel of the world" by the Incas, and was laid out in the shape of a puma, a sacred beast in Inca lore. We visited the Qorikancha Sun Temple, a ceremonial structure during the Inca era when there were about 90,000 Incas. We noticed the trapezoidal shaped windows and walls that lean at 12 degrees, all part of Incan construction. Historical records stated that the walls were once covered with sheets of gold! The Incas wanted the fertile soil of Cuzco, and as time went on there were conflicts with the Spanish Conquistadors.
We walked in Plaza de Armas and noticed newer construction on the Inca foundations, including the Basilica Cathedral. We toured this massive, beautiful church and saw some of the statues they carry at festival time. (If I remember correctly, the 1950 earthquake in Cuzco left the Inca structures standing and the colonial arches collapsed.)
Lunch was on our own so a few of us went to Paddy's Pub, the highest "IrishOwned" Pub on the planet at 11,156 feet. It was established in 1996. I had Guinness beer and Sheppard's pie; all delicious!
Some of us walked to the San Blas neighborhood and stopped in shops. As I worked my way back to the hotel, I stopped at a chocolate shop. I headed to a bar to watch the Peru vs Ecuador soccer game. Score was 0-0 when I arrived at halftime, but each time Peru scored everyone went wild!! Peru won 2-1.

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