Toughest 60 mile ride I have ever done!

We left Eugene, OR this morning by shuttle and hopped on bicycles at West Fir after a good night's sleep at Eugene's Valley River Inn. Baked oatmeal, hard boiled egg and what!…no coffee! But we are a hearty group as we bike the Aufderheide Scenic Byway which has camping, beach, rafting, mountain biking, campgrounds, cottages, waterfalls, reservoir, rivers all along its shady road. We started at the covered bridge you will see in photo below.
The bicycling profile indicated 30 miles up with a 3600 foot elevation and 30 miles down. The reality was rolling hills on both sides! We had good support for water, snacks and to move our butt onto a different surface…a chair! My arms were killing me so another bike adjustment will be made by tomorrow. On the road my chain shifted into the spokes so that was fixed…and whatever else on the 9% grade!! I never drank so much water and it is needed here because they are having a heat wave! Great, we escaped AZ and seemed to have brought the heat with us!
Lunch, at the top and at 32 miles is Box Canyon. The Willamette River was with us most the way as we biked in lots of shade. I almost wished I did not wear such dark sunglasses. Then we stopped at Cougar Crossing and a dam….huge dam for a reservoir and also a segment of the McKenzie River.
About 5pm we arrived at McKenzie Riverside Cottages. We have a room with 3 bedrooms, Eagle's Nest, and is great! No cellular data today so the only method of communication is now at this place via wi-fi. Dinner is being made and once we have that at 7pm I am sure my body will really appreciate relaxation, some wine, and star gazing!
I did not stop to often today, but here are some photos and a couple are from the cottage that we are staying in for our group of 5, plus two guides. Very comfortable! Although I will admit I needed a few walking moments and was always pulling up the tail end; oh well! At least I did it! And I'll sleep well tonight!

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