AZ Heat Follows us to Oregon! Darn it!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Bernadette's Catering and relaxing evening. Bernadette started us off this morning with regular food, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan…so there were gluten-free pancakes, oatmeal, fruit salad, juice and coffee for me! We rode our bikes right out the front door from the cottage and 19 miles later we met the van for snacks. There 3 of the 5 of us got a boost, via van ride, of almost 6 miles to take a break from some of the uphill…which was all uphill for those 6 miles! Back on the bike, we rode through lava fields on both sides of the road. This was the first area where we were not on a shady, tree-lined road. The chunks of lava were impressive to see! The Dee Wright Observatory is made of lava and has a directional arrow showing the name and distance of nearby mountains. Some mountains have snow on them, another was only the solidified magma core from an old volcano. We were also at the top of McKenzie Pass some 5000+ feet and now to bike ride about 15 miles for our descent which was 98% downhill….but it was way to hot…91-99 degrees.
Half hour van ride to McMenamins Old St. Francis School Hotel in Bend, Oregon. Tomorrow we will walk the town. It is a layover day with some taking a hike, but I may skip that if it remains hot.
In a few minutes we are leaving to eat dinner at a local restaurant…so…enjoy the photos….and notice with the bicycle pictures, I captured a California turquoise shell butterfly!

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