Environmental Reviews Have a Purpose

Last week while I was at the Grand Canyon I saw a sign and thought of the protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline Area. Here is the sign:

A pipeline of any sort can potentially leak.
A pipeline of any sort can potentially leak.

The oil pipeline’s route is under a section of the Missouri River (Lake Oahe) and if there ever is a break the oil would endanger the drinking water. There was a process in place to block oil from flowing through the pipeline till an environmental review is done. That has now been suspended! Why can we not take time to be sure what is happening in our outdoor world is completed safely! I cannot imagine oil-laced drinking water. If a break with a water pipeline can cause such a concern, imagine how awful it would be if the Missouri River had oil in it.

Of course also, there are more issues than just this environmental concern…ask any Native American!

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