Agua Caliente Hill Trail

A group of us took this trail on a warm February 2017 day. It was a 9 mile round trip hike with 3054 foot elevation gain; especially the last half mile quite steep. Bring plenty of food and water, and plan to be in sunshine most the hike. Along the way we saw water in a tank, a small stream running down the hillside, and just when you think you are looking at the peak you discover it is back behind out-of-sight and 1.5 miles away! So glad to finally reach our lunch spot and turn-around point to head back down, although not easy in this direction either. Wished I saw some wildlife back there. Not many people on the trail, and I was very glad we were not doing this hike later in the year!

Plate put on peak in 1947!
View from the peak…one direction
View in another direction
Look off in another direction!
A tank along the way…and with water!
It was 1947, someone on the peak triangulating its height.

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