Tennis…a Lifetime Sport!

I love tennis! I play tennis on 18+, 40+ and 55+ teams and love every aspect of the sport…or maybe not when I am playing singles. Wow, I need to remember to hit within the singles lines on the court, realize no partner is there to get the beautifully angled shots coming back on my side of the court, no one to help collect the stray balls, and no one to talk with or calm down with after a loss of point or game. I do love doubles though, especially when playing with a partner who seems to have good court sense while we both construct a point together! And sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, but it is all good while we remind ourselves of the great opportunity we have in even playing the game!

I also love seeing people of all ages playing. It is truly a lifetime sport and we find people to play with who are usually at our playing level. In a tennis town that is easy to accomplish. Children can now play with racquets, tennis balls and courts more in lie with what’s appropriate for their age and skill level. I think that will motivate the children to continue with tennis as they move on to larger racquets, different balls, and larger courts.

I also love watching high caliber players on television. The Australian Open had so many fantastic matches that I was glued to the tv watching them…thankfully I could DVR them and not be up at the very early morning hours to watch them live.  Wasn’t it wonderful seeing Serena and Venus competing against each other again? Both have done so much for women tennis. Then too to watch Rafa and Roger! While we may wonder how much longer they each will be playing on the BIG stages of these grand slams, their reality I believe is that they will play long after the big slams…it is that type of sport…for a lifetime! Will I see you on the court? Hope so!

Roger won the Australian Open!
Roger won the Australian Open!
There had to be a winner, yet both Rafa and Roger played so well!
There had to be a winner, yet both Rafa and Roger played so well!

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