Retirement, This Year? OK!

First chapter of my life was growing up through those adolescent formative years and college. Then for many years I worked as an educator: science teacher, high school principal, and my last ten years as a middle school principal. I count those years  as my second chapter in life; with my third chapter as personal trainer, USPTA teaching pro, outdoor hiking guide, substitute teacher, and educator reviewing underperforming schools. Now comes my fourth chapter…retirement, I believe! Yes, yes, I can do it!

It’s 2017 and I have time to play tennis, bike ride, develop my photography skills and complete some international travel. My goal this year within this blog is to share those activities with you, along with some cerebral moments as I read books, watch television, spend time outdoors in my backyard and around the world, and wonder about life, death, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, I had a women doubles tennis match and I was reminded of the importance of taking moment by moment, or as they say in tennis, point by point. We were horribly down in the first set score, 1-6. My partner and I discussed what was happening, what to do differently, and played point by point in the next set with a new determination. We won the second set, 6-4. Now the deciding tiebreak…first to 10 by 2 points.  It’s been said many times, do not give up! Remarkably we did not and won by 10-8! Nice!

More challenges, on and off the tennis court, and fun to come. Retirement may just truly happen this year! I’m okay with that!

With a goal to knock the crap out of a tennis ball again!

Knocked the crap out of that tennis ball!
Knocked the crap out of that tennis ball!

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