Where Do I Write…

Today’s writing challenge is two-fold: 1. where do I write, and 2. create a contact form asking people to suggest what I should write about at an upcoming writing challenge. Hmmm….

I write most often while traveling. That is matter-of-fact, tell it like it is, what happened today sort of writing in blog format so my family knows what I accomplished each day, along with some photos. It is sort of a diary that is especially helpful as I revisit notes after the trip.

My other form of writing is whatever I can write in about 15 minutes in response to something I heard on the news, or any annoying factor in my life, or a unique thought I have and I just want to write about it so all can become more clear in my own mind. I accomplish this flash-writing in various places and often have notebooks in different locations to write….and always with a smooth flowing pen!

My writing goal however is to write a book about each major trip I have taken so my niece, nephews, and great niece know something about me years from now when they may be curious who their aunt happened to be. But for now, they can read the travel blogs while I am out on the road.

Okay, so here is part two of today’s assignment… Maybe you would be interested in some particular thing for me to write about in an upcoming assignment I may have two weeks from now? I am looking for your suggestion. I have thoughts about everything so please do not hesitate to offer an idea. I am not sure what the assignment will be; however, please fill out the

and give me an idea of what you may be interested in having me write about….thanks!

Seeing a sign like this one could easily be something I can write about, think about, and hope that others care about its message……you too can write, take the time….

Grand Canyon Plants Need Protection



3 thoughts on “Where Do I Write…

  1. I love the Grand Canyon. I have done the overnight backpack trip from the Grandview Point Trailhead. It’s a great place to get lost from the rest of the world. A place you can easily write about a favorite trail of experience there

    1. Yes,
      I have hiked a few of the trails and camped at Bright Angel Campground and various times stayed at Phantom Ranch. Hiking in the snow from south rim to Phantom Ranch is also easier on the Kaibab Trail. Love the north rim too. A different world…so many fewer people and to hike down from there to south rim is worth the trip.

      1. I have to the south rim about five times, never on the North rim. I love Hermit and Grandview because there a fewer people. You can hear the wind, and critters for miles

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