Tucson Rodeo Parade

After asking many Tucson locals about the Tucson Rodeo Parade, I decided to check it out. For the locals I spoke with, they had been bringing their young children in years past, but now many were on their way to ski or swim elsewhere for a holiday weekend (school is out for 2 days during the rodeo week). The Tucson Rodeo is a weeklong event, one morning for the rodeo parade. It is the longest non-motorized parade in the world and I was there for it all!

People lined the streets with their chairs, strollers, backed-in pick-up trucks and tail-gate food, along with food truck vendors and food stalls. Did I say kettle corn? Yes, that too.

Cowboy hats of all sizes and colors were for sale too. Along with every other item you can imagine.

how about this color?
how about this color?






how about this snack?
how about this snack?

Marching bands, wagons pulled by horses…only one horse ran free for a few minutes before being caught by a cowboy…do not know where its rider was!?! Many organizations, schools, restaurants, businesses of all sorts were represented, even the National Park Service… thank you for maintaining our Saguaro National Parks!

many beautiful horses!
many beautiful horses!
Many riders...
many riders…


lasso work!
lasso work


2 thoughts on “Tucson Rodeo Parade

    1. Love parades, too.
      Upstate New York had them for every possible holiday.
      Or maybe All official Monday holidays…


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