When’s Your Golden Hour?

I am figuring this “golden hour” out for myself because my time seems to fill and often burst with to many things to do in short time. I think I should have a golden hour … what would it involve and/or look like? I wondered too if others have a “golden hour”, or does time just fill with no special acknowledgment, but instead the usual work, play, cocktail hour?

Within my American Red Cross course, I am reminded of the medically-referred golden hour: when prompt medical care must be provided someone within an hour or less of their medical emergency to hopefully prevent his/her death. And then too, within my photography work its reference to the golden hour: time shortly after sunrise or before sunset when a photographer hopes to capture a softer, redder daylight compared to time when the sun is higher in the sky.

That’s it! I need an hour or less when it is imperative to react to a behavior, or to act on a regular basis to a specific time of day. When working, I had limited time in a day so I felt there was little precious time for myself… just do and do … and occasionally catch my breath for the relaxing moment. Now with so much available time, other things fill my time: volunteering, tennis, road bicycling, tai chi, reading, etc and yet I believe I should have a golden hour each day. Does anyone agree?

My golden hour may be time to think with no interruption. A quiet, reflective time; maybe even meditative. I am not sure yet, but I plan to chisel a time per day, at a minimum, to listen to my brain. I have ideas that need sorting; thoughts that need encouraging; nonsense that needs deleting. I do not want to do these things while I fall asleep at night. I need a golden hour.

When’s your golden hour? Are you a reactor creating your time, or do you act each day at the same time with a special activity? Please feel free to comment. I am interested in your ideas.

10 thoughts on “When’s Your Golden Hour?

    1. I thought my golden time may be in the morning, but I am not naturally waking up early enough to have the time since I run off to tennis so many mornings to meet people counting on my being there. Today though is an available morning and I am loving it! That’s a start I guess.

  1. I need a golden hour but cannot find one that seems to fit… Maybe I’ll find it in 2016. It seems very necessary for me to do so!

  2. I love the idea of a Golden Hour for myself. Now that my body has given out (not in the fun sense of the phrase), I’m trying to find my special purpose, so to speak. It would be so easy to commit to a Golden Hour if not for this blasted television that easily lures me to its non-stop Do-It-Yourself shows. There I can watch people do all the things I used to be able to do and somehow it makes me feel whole again. If I can find my Golden Hour it will be filled with meditation and theological studies.

  3. Golden Hour has always meant to me that precious gorgeous perfect time to photograph a scene or a portrait of people, person or thing….what a novel premise to find one’s own Golden Hour!!! let me ponder this one and we’ll keep in touch fellow Blogging 101 classmate. You have a blog I definitely will follow as I see also we are fellow-retirees!! Assignment 3 is now complete!

    1. Photography is my new hobby. Glad to see you have it as a potential golden hour; currently I stress with my photo shoot. In time… all will be well!

  4. That golden hour is as you’ve described a time when the light kisses the colour, form, shape and tone and brings with it a new perspective to the subject. So exciting. Been known to travel for hours just to get that right moment.
    Good luck with the pursuit.

    1. You know it well…that right moment only lasts for a fraction of the pursuit time. I need to learn what I can accomplish before my subject goes dark! My challenge…

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