Heading West … Ohio to Indiana!

Time to head home … it’s been a long trip and with many more miles to drive before I get home. It was nice being off major roads, noticing just how beautiful our countryside is with its rolling green hills, seeing Amish driving their carriage with a horse, stopping at their bakery, contemplating a cheese curd stop, and loving less traffic!

I stayed at a nice campground in Homerville, Ohio … lakefront campsite, quiet as it was just the start of their season, and with land to explore while I stretched my legs. 

My typical routine: cook and eat dinner, then take a longer walk before the sun sets. Two birds caught my attention: singing robin and house wren jumping, actually about to fly off!

The next morning was beautiful. I wished for another day here, but it was time to move on.

I stopped at Alum Creek Park Reservoir in Lewis Center, Ohio. I looked for waterbirds on the reservoir and then walked their Storybook Trail. Plenty of birds here! I could not miss this Baltimore oriole.

By days end I was in the Indianapolis area, cooking dinner, and finally taking a walk at 7:00pm. This is not the best time for photography, but did see a house wren singing and a red-bellied woodpecker.

Next day …driving to Missouri!

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