Poet’s Walk Park, Red Hook, NY

There are numerous parks, preserves, refuges and places to walk in New York State. And when we are having sunny and warm days in the Hudson River Valley, it was almost difficult to decide which one to visit! We decided to walk and bird-watch at Poet’s Walk Park. This park was created in 1850 on two neighboring estates where it is said famous writers, such as Washington Irving, walked and were inspired to write. I liked the designed landscape of “outdoor rooms”, areas of the land separated by stands of trees and stone walls. I loved this structure: “Overlook Pavilion”. 

My friend at Overlook Pavilion

My friend and I walked the park and I spent time photographing birds. The numerous bluebird boxes around the property reinforced the fact I would see many bluebirds:

Eastern bluebird
Bluebird in flight

Plus there were other birds: Eastern Phoebe, blue jay, tree swallow and white-breasted nuthatch:

Eastern phoebe
Blue jay
Tree swallow
White-breasted nuthatch

This was a great place for us to stretch our legs, look out over the Hudson River and enjoy a sunny day! If we had planned ahead, it would been a great place for a picnic. So if you are in the area, consider that idea at this park and enjoy!

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