I See You, What’s Up?

It’s becoming habit now, my talking to the birds, especially when I see that “what’s up look” … cocked head, eyes looking straight at me with no judgment. How can I not respond?

Let’s talk, I say. Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday. Is that, what is up? 

Or my concerns about the past year? Covid variants rampant worldwide, climate catastrophes: towns wiped out by tornados, wildfire, floods … or maybe gun violence, racial inequality, homelessness, poverty, hunger, disrupted supply chain for basic goods … or all of it and more. I am saddened as government leaders are slow to solve issues. At local levels we support area food banks, agencies helping those in need, and remain patient when all is not happening as quick as we wish. Local or even statewide help cannot do it all. If we could, we would!

You know what’s up? I could see how an autocrat comes to power. Provide … and provide … even if not in the best interests of their people, and people simply accept because they are in need. Gains fog over basic democratic principles and we lose ourself to another power because it provides. Are we on a downward spiral? The current worldwide chaos makes me wonder and worry. It is not just about the climate, but also the political, religious, economic freedoms we have, in some countries, that are global concerns. Look at a variety of countries, see how different each is and ask yourself if you would rather live within those borders. 

While I patiently wait for our political leaders to make big decisions providing for our entire country, I think about our own country’s history. This is not the first time our country has had huge challenges. We as a united people often did work together … there were depressions, weather catastrophes, political, economic, and/or medical strife around the world and within our own boundaries. Where is the united front today as we continue to face Covid with home and work environments forcing people to choose differently than they would have done 2 years ago? For many, life has been difficult. I want and wish for a united country so we and the rest of the world can get on with life with generosity, kindness and productivity. We are a humankind and need to live as one!

This bird, a phainopepla, continues to look at me. Its quizzical look brings back a memory for me … a time when I wondered what I should do. I had a friend in college who was suicidal. One particular night I discovered this fact, was over-whelmed, and quickly got my friend medical help that night. Sometimes now I have the same over-whelmed feeling and don’t know where my help is needed most. Do others see or feel what I do about our current state of affairs? Is what I do enough? Fortunately, I am reminded of what my Dad often said to me when I was in college, and probably what he would say now, “Do what you can do.” And so I shall one step at a time; thanks for asking, you cute little bird!

What’s up?

2 thoughts on “I See You, What’s Up?

  1. That was a great adventure you just took me on! I guess I really related since I recently had been taking pictures of some black-crowned night herons here on Oahu while visiting. They, too, just putt by with that same questioning gaze waiting for conversation. I suppose we humans are parched for coffeehouse chit-chats and assume the wildlife have something interesting to say that will satisfy our thirst.

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