Travel Day #3, Costco?

Today’s travel was from Oklahoma through Missouri, passing by The Gateway Arch in St Louis to the east side of the Mississippi River as I located a campground in Granite City, Illinois. These all have been long days of driving! (The arch would have been another place of interest to stop but not this trip. Fortunately I had visited it about 50 years ago!)

Before I left for this trip I was contemplating a membership at Costco, to purchase gasoline for my car at a less expensive price since I will unfortunately be burning through plenty of fuel on this trip. (Only in my dreams do I own a Tesla, or any electric car for that matter.) The Gas Buddy app often indicates Costco with the least expensive gas in an area. Also, people talk about Costco and their savings. But why not consider Sam’s Club or any other membership? And haven’t you wondered if the least expensive gasoline has additives to stretch it? Who knows?

My decision had been made, soon reinforced these last 3 travel days with at least 1500 miles completed so far as I travel to NYS. I am glad I did not get a Costco, or any, membership. There has been enough of a challenge finding gas stations near the interstate highways. Today I pulled into a gas station to discover no gasoline was available at any pump and then it happened, my yellow warning light popped on to indicate I should get gas soon!

Suffice it to say I did not see a Costco from any highway now or the last couple of days, nor would I go looking for one now with my warning light on. Yes I know I have plenty of miles I can travel with the warning light on. I saw a gas station down the road and head for it. Mission accomplished, drive on! Get to the campsite with all its trees! I think my site had the largest pavilion so I sat and ate my dinner there. This campground is near an industrial area and no major road so it is quiet. I had time to set up a tent, listen to the birds … robins, sparrows and numerous cardinals … no wonder they chose cardinals for St Louis Cardinals! As I walked around the campground, a thing I will do at every campground, I also saw fireflies! How cool is that! I haven’t seen them in a long time! The pavilion is so helpful the next morning since during the night we have a torrential thunderstorm.

My campsite this night.

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