Historic Canoa Ranch Improving!

Recently I visited Canoa Ranch Conservation Park to search for a particular bird and noticed more trails and plants at the ranch. The best part was access to the Juan Bautista De Anza Trail, north and south from the ranch. It is part of a 1,210 mile national historic trail and a wonderful way to move away from other park visitors while birding.

While walking around the park to get to the trail, I saw various water birds and others in the trees.

The bird I was looking for was reported to have been seen along the De Anza Trail; so off I went looking for it! Another birder was out looking too. All of a sudden I saw a bird fly in. At first glance it looked like a sage thrasher, not that I had ever seen one before! With binoculars and then sighted through my camera, I knew it was the bird!

Mission accomplished in sighting the bird. Eventually to return and walk more of the trail from this trailhead. Beautiful work being accomplished at this ranch!

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